#TheScoop This AUTUMN

Our last event is 4th of December. Have a look at recent photo albums for 9 October, 30 October (Halloween Shenanigans) and our Psychedelic Rock Autumn Edition 13 Nov.

Thank you for joining us in one or more of the 14 concerts we've put on this year; so far.

Tickets are still limited as we all collectively crawl out of lockdown remnants and new restrictions. 

For the event on 4 December, Law has recently required most venues to scan QR Codes for vaccines, etc at the entrance But the Cultural Space we have secured will accept negative antigen tests or recent travel documents.


Please do remember that ticket sales go to artists and our concerts in 2021 are limited to 50 tickets. Thanks again for being patrons of the arts, each and every one of you who bought tickets and helped us help keep the music alive and kicking in the city we all love.


NEXT, 12th February SAT.




O U R   W H Y

We did 17 events in 2019, every concert since Autumn 2019 sold out and we have been dying to bring back this unique event series since then. After a lot of soul searching, we decided to restart Front Page News Barcelona with our smaller scale 26 September 2020 event. FPN is a an artist collective who care about music and the musicians we feature. We are a team of people passionate about music and Barcelona.


As many of you know, our Co-Founder Resident Millennial, Tiernan Cloud, passed away in April 2020. He also happens to be my beautiful son, the youngest of 3 brothers, and so this difficult decision to restart events is in fact, in part, a tribute to him. He and I have a plethora of unfinished projects to support artists and local startups.

Today, I welcome you with my sons, his older brothers: Dylan and Liam. They are musicians also, each one playing a very different kind of music. I play live visuals for psytrance festivals around the world...but also for musicians I admire.


2 0 2 1   S O   F A R :

HALLOWEEN WAS INSANE. If you weren't there, we lament that you missed it.
90% of people came in costume
There was dancing (now allowed)
There was laughter (as is always)

This year's #WhereverSessions concerts (13 Feb, 13 March and 10 April) morphed into Wherever Sessions ROCK.  Our Full Concerts with three acts #WinterEdition (27 Feb) and both #SpringEdition Full Concerts (27 March and 24 April) sold out. We have had to say no to many people and this is regrettable, but in covid times seats are very limited and in most cases zero cash sales on the door. Please secure tickets to the next concerts online.


Members learn of Early Bird Tickets first, so subscribe.


If this is your first time here, welcome. The team is pretty much me, my beautiful sons and a few other soulmates we've collected over the years

Our concerts are different. One ticket. Three concerts for the price of 1 entry.  

The artists are not picked randomly.  Each event is designed carefully and when the venue allows, we play live visual tributes for each artist also.

So, bookmark this to know when the next full concerts are.
Whatever the date, there will be a #WhereverSessions before that.  Maybe two.

We launched our Front Page News Podcast in Spring 2021.
We will be shooting more in Summer 2021

If you are a venue or restaurant and want to be involved, leave a message for us here in Chat.


Kristina & Front Page News HQ
Creative Director


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Front Page News Podcast

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Dylan, Kristina and Liam

Creative A&R Team

Help us help artists thrive. #LoveYourLocal

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#Recent2021 Events - Spring 2022 TBA

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If you're into knowing more about the artists: Dylan, Titan, Liam, Kaku, Judith, Isel or anyone else playing in 2021, then scroll down to see articles penned by Oliver Blakemore. 
Bookmark The Scoop and you'll get to read juicy tales about Barcelona-based musicians as they go live.

So. Three Concerts in one SPRING Evening Party. Choose any musician, RSVP and your ticket is good for the entire party, from 6 pm. Almost all of the Ticket Sales go to musicians so we don't tend to have a big guest list. We welcome potential sponsors, writers and Industry people to ask, but do try, as we do, to pitch in to help these hard-working musicians who have real-life expenses like guitar strings and rent. Our tickets are not astronomical, but our future goals are, so give what you can.

See you in our next show and come say hi. I'm never too busy to meet new people or the next musicians we may book. I'll probably be the vj behind the mixer next to the projector, or just next to the stage having a damn good time.












Stay happy and healthy,

vj baby k
Creative Director

and Resident VJ

(PS - if you are an artist who wants to play at one of our events, Fill this in. It will take you 2 minutes. You can also get cheaper Artist-Only Priced Tickets to our shows, message us for the code. Oh and I seek writers, also).


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