#TheScoop This Autumn

The other day, I was dining outdoors with friends and the trees just started doing that dramatic thing they do: shedding leaves. But it's technically not yet Autumn, I thought. Yet I was literally bathing in leaves of every size and crackly dead consistency, and this was on a day that seemed unseasonably cold for Summer.

If there wasn't a singular moment to feel impermanence in all its consistently stark surprising glory, it was then. I make all important decisions around this time, actually. Around my birthday for many years, Autumn had seemed an apt backdrop to decisions made around separations, accepting a job (or leaving one), new loves and new geographies.

After a lot of thought and a bit of soul searching, I decided to definitely restart Front Page News Barcelona. FPN is a an artist collective who care about music and the musicians we feature. We are a team of people passionate about music and Barcelona. As many of you know, our Co-Founder Resident Millennial, Tiernan Cloud, passed away in April this year. He also happens to be my beautiful son, the youngest of 3, and so this difficult decision to restart events is in fact, in part, a tribute to him. He and I have a plethora of unfinished projects to support artists and local startups.

Our concerts are different.
One Ticket. Three Concerts for the price entry of 1.
The artists are not picked randomly. The nights are designed carefully. Each one a journey that escalates from acoustic and spirited duos to start, culminating with a band to end the night high.

We pay for artists' recorded live sets through sponsorship and patrons of the arts. (Know any? Connect them with me please, we don't just do logos on stuff)

We have three different event formats: Each one designed around how advanced a musician is on their artist journey. At a time last year when musicians were doing their Barcelona exodus because concert promoters don't pay, we made sure that artist fees were covered before we opened the doors on the day of the show. Thanks again, by the w3ay, to the hundreds of you out there who bought advanced tickets. You are phenomenal people.

This was also made possible because our team, which now misses Tiernan, created a #LoveYourLocal Campaign. At the brink of launching COVID19 happened. You will catch articles about these startups in our blog over the next few days.

So here we are today.

We are rebooting and shedding our quarantine pyjamas.

26 September, we will have a Full Concert. From 8 pm to Midnight.

If we could cut and paste an experience from the past and bring it back, that would be amazing. But we are starting off where we left off on 29 Feb with a journey built by the same beautiful musicians who made people so happy that night. It was a wonderful experience and we love EDGE Brewing for allowing us that experience.

Act 1 - Dylan Cloud, Act 2- Titan James Music and closing off with Act 3 - Liam Cloud & The Band (Joseph, Kaku and Front Page News' Resident Drummer Bryan Curtis).

There will be a #WhereverSessions prior to that and several Full Concerts and Feature Concerts after that. Watch this space. We will keep growing.

Kristina, aka vj baby k
Creative Director
Front Page News Barcelona

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#Autumn  2020 Party - 26 September 2020


If you're into knowing more about the artists: Dylan, Titan, Liam or anyone else playing this Autumn, then scroll down to see articles penned by Oliver Blakemore. You will also read the latest on Bryan (Drums), Joseph (Bass), Dylan Charbeneau (Keyboard) and Liam Cloud (Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter).
Bookmark The Scoop and you'll get to read juicy tales about Barcelona-based musicians as they go live.

So. Three Concerts in one Autumn Evening Party. Choose any musician, RSVP and your ticket is good for the entire party, from 9 pm. Almost all of the Ticket Sales go to musicians so we don't tend to have a big guest list. We welcome potential sponsors, writers and Industry people to ask, but do try, as we do, to pitch in to help these hard-working musicians who have real-life expenses like guitar strings and rent. Our tickets are not astronomical, but our future goals are, so give what you can.

See you in our next show and come say hi. I'm never too busy to meet new people or the next musicians we may book. I'll probably be the vj behind the mixer next to the projector, or just next to the stage having a damn good time.












Stay happy and healthy,

vj baby k
Creative Director

and Resident VJ

(PS - if you are an artist who wants to play at one of our events, Fill this in. It will take you 2 minutes. You can also get cheaper Artist-Only Priced Tickets to our shows, message us for the code. Oh and I seek writers, also).


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Beer, Wine & Liquor

Please have ID with you to ensure you are of legal age to consume our venue's selection of reasonably priced beer, wine  and mixed drinks.

Check  our Mobile Place

We offer a coat check service for your jacket, purse or merch. Also a super clean toilet. Always a bonus!

Early Bird tickets are at €8 for all three acts per concert. All artists get a percentage of ticket sales, bring a FRIEND or two

TICKET Sales go to Artists

Don't hesitate then to buy tickets in advance even. We want to pay artists more than 'the norm'.