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Front Page News - Were you there?

This reads more like musings to me than a regular blog type thing I tend to pen. Really I would just love to know what you thought of the night if you were there; thought I'd share what I thought to get you started...

Act 1 was Adeline. It's difficult not to love Adeline when she sings. Part of me wanted to kick the guy looking at her from offstage, if he was the man who tore her apart, and how sorry is he now? I considered for a minute how much sorrier he would be if and when my gogo boot 'accidentally' lands on his shin. Restraint happens, of course, when one realizes he might be the lucky one (not the object of said song "Tear me Apart"; and all is well; and so I carried on with my task of creating live visuals for her set...the very first Front Page News set in the first of many events in that particular venue (thank you awesome sound guy!)

Then came Zaq Squares for Act 2. I do believe most people are as momentously stunned as I had been when I first heard Zaq sing live some months ago in Craft. What a voice. For that almost-operatic voice bellowing from that (hugely tall) man's gut makes you pause what you're doing...If I hadn't prepared visual sequences prior to the night specifically crafted for Zaq (who loves flowers and pretty colors, naturally), I would've certainly messed up on the live visuals.

Act 3 was Liam Cloud and The Band and here's a quick snippet of one of the yet-unreleased originals by Liam Cloud: "Six Strings". I think the best way to recall that event is how each individual musician was well received and appreciated, with Liam Cloud owning the stage with remarkable energy and his unique singing style that went from deeply moving emotional covers and originals, to uplifting funky tunes that made people groove and smile. We wanted the night to end high, with music escalating from Adeline to Zaq (and Santo) and then Act 3. It was a mission achieved by Liam Cloud, Bryan Curtis (Drums), Dylan Charbeneau (Keyboard) and Stephen Gentillialli (Bass) for the rest of the night (well, before we got kicked out after the last encore).

According to a journalist there that night, "...every single person in the venue was smiling and enjoying themselves during Liam's set. It was a really good show, overall. Each artist was just so talented, wish the concert went on longer!" What do YOU reckon? Quick snippet below, more videos from the big camera coming soon.



Tell us what you thought by commenting below or in our Facebook Group and Page, whichever strikes your fancy. See you on 1st of June! - Stay happy! vj baby k

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