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More than just singing in the shower

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

A few Saturdays ago in a bathroom not too far away, four of my favourite artists crammed themselves into a teeny tiny recording studio space and played three tracks. There is something to be said about artists in a state of mutual admiration...You know that energy of which I speak; It's great to watch. But these guys, they also like each other as people-- and that synchronicity is palpable.

Have a look and see if you see what I see, while you hear what I love listening to whenever I can.

These songs were recorded while I observed and experienced it in the mixing booth at Cadenza Studio prior to its release. What a wicked version of Tiny Studio!

These words practically wrote themselves:

The quickest Cheat Sheet Guide to Liam Cloud and his band Jezebel Lies


On Vocals and Guitar is Liam Cloud, co-founder of Front Page News, and a singer-songwriter who plays all over Barcelona and hosts weekly events in Craft; and is either in studio or co-creating and collaborating with other musicians every day. Liam will be releasing an album later on this year. If you haven't yet heard him sing before today, here's a sneak peek of his cover of "Snow" and a rather insightful take on his take on the Red Hot Chilli Peppers classic we all know so well: A Cloud take on Snow by Red Hot Chili Peppers


Bryan Curtis on drums is hardly an unfamiliar character in the local scene, but it did give us joy to see the looks on the faces of Cadenza Studio's dynamic duo. Louis and Ben, see him play in a studio environment for the first time. Here's an interview done by the lovely Vanessa Hodgkinson: Interview: Why Resident Drummer Bryan Curtis is a Barcelona Favorite You Can’t Miss!


Joseph Harris on Bass. As he did the tag team thing with Bryan and created his wicked bass riffs, I was reminded of his studio session work with Liam and Jason Boshoff last year, the first time we met, recording ¨Worth It¨. We love him. In contrast, Louis of Cadenza Studio said: "I hate your boyfriend," as he swung around on his swivel chair slowly and deliberately while declaring this to Joseph's partner Ludi, who was with me in the booth. This was, of course, in jest....the way that another bass player gives respect to one he finds awesome.


Dylan Charbeneau is the band member I know most about in Jezebel Lies. However he is possibly the biggest enigma to many in the local scene. Charbeneau is known for his television and commercial work for HBO, Netflix, Disney and Google (to name a few); as well as early work with Colbie Caillat, and was on tour with The Goo Goo Dolls while playing with Colbie...To see him play keyboard is pure joy. He and Liam have worked on several projects together across various music genres, one that jumps out at me is Abroad Fest's Remix Competition's theme song: Boxinlion vs Voicess ft Liam Cloud - Abroad

They are, each of them, lovely humans, and I feel lucky to know them.

Liam Cloud and his band Jezebel Lies play Act 3 in EDGE Brewing on Leap Day 2020 - 29 February. The concert starts at 4 pm to 8 pm. Get Early Bird Tickets now as they will be considerably more by Valentines Day.

They have played before, in this intimate and craft beer fuelled venue last Autumn 2nd of November in EDGE Brewing Craft Beer Venue in Barcelona. Tickets are only €8 for 3 concerts in one night. Every ticket comes with a craft beer.

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