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That WTF moment

You who know me know that I have whatever the opposite is of a green thumb. Since the beginning of time, my mother tried to teach me how to care for them and I was solely responsible for the black patch in our garden of orchids that was "assigned to me". For years I have said that 'plants don't like me', 'all plants die in my care', 'I am a plant killer'. Yet last year, my balcony had plants that survived my so-called black (or is it purple) thumb throughout the Summer, Spring and, well, they're still around today.

My point? I love growing things. I am maniacal about taking an idea from seed and seeing it flourish and thrive and grow. We are relaunching Front Page News in Barcelona this Springtime. The seed of the idea came to us over Winter. And since our small team decided we were doing this, our numbers of immediate supporters have gone from 3 to 9, to 21 in just 12 days. I'm not crazy about Math, but like the proverbial snowball that rolls down a mountain picking up momentum and increasing in size...I'm liking how this is snowballing into a grander idea every week. I hope you help me grow it. Watch this space. PS - There's a member's area for writers if you want to submit articles. Stay happy!

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