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We'll stop the world and melt with you

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

As Barcelona makes its steady descent from warm to scorching...we thought to interrupt your regular Summer program to share our Front Page News shenanigans with you.

Our next concert is way waaaay into the future in September, October and December. If you are wondering why, it's mainly because no one wants to be cooped up indoors this time of the year (and the artists behind the scenes are off to festivals here and around the EU); but also because this project we've kept under wraps has been revealed:

Firstly, we have something special to share with everyone who wants to learn Spanish for the first time, or at a deeper level. They even help with Citizenship Classes and have Saturday and evening classes. We love them. ELE USAL is centrally located and have a music and art-loving brilliant staff.

As a Front Page News supporter - You can win 1 of 3 free Spanish Class enrolments for 1 month in ELE USAL in the heart of Barcelona. They are a prestigious institution that believe we should strike a balance between education and culture, and we feel fortunate to have them as one of our early Sponsors and Front Page News supporters.

It's easy to be 1 of 3 winners

Step 1: Find out about them in Facebook Step 2: Share them in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #frontpagenews Step 3: Follow ELE USAL and Front Page News in Facebook (we have software to check all this, so no cheating!) 

PS - if you got an email from us or from Kalayaan Team, you can also email Subject: Spanish classes = 20% off from your enrolment

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On Funding and supporting Artists:

Part 3 of our Front Page News Plan is to get funding for a select number of artists to create recorded music that reflects the beauty of their live sets.

Our Indiegogo Campaign...

This is a campaign about change. Have a look in Indiegogo. Your contribution today will help further the careers of musicians such as Zaq Squares, Liam Cloud, Adeline, Edu Quindos and The Monkey Men, to name a few. Besides the events you see in this website, we’ve built a platform where artists can connect with Producers and a dedicated content and marketing team. We need your help to hit our funding target.

"But what's the problem? There's always live music everywhere in Barcelona"

Each song you hear in Spotify or iTunes requires a Producer, a Recording Studio, Mastering and a Marketing Team so that the song gets discovered, played and shared-- and thus benefits the musician. That overall cost is often overlooked.

Many of us in the industry understand these costs; but many people don't and for this reason we'd like to ask you to share this campaign in all your social media circles. Contribute what you can. Everything from €5 to €500 will have a longstanding effect on artists' futures. Yes even a fiver goes a long way: