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WTF Continued...

By the time you read this, Front Page News Barcelona will be 1 year old in its current format. It doesn't sound like much: A year...365 days...4 seasons...And we only had 16 concerts; from Spring to Autumn and Winter. Why were there no Summer events, you ask? Well, you wouldn't ask if you lived here in Barcelona. Too many people leave the city in July and August, therefore making events not-so-viable. Too many musicians and venue owners go South to escape the ridiculous heat. I am part of this exodus as I have literally heard myself sound like a royal bitch when faced with a day of extreme Summer Day heat in this city I love. It's like a microwave oven. I bring it up now not to whinge about it...but to announce (and invite) artist collectives in cities like Austin or Denver for instance, to connect with us this year so we can bring you our musical stylings and feature your local artists also. I will create unique visual mixes for each artist. Message me about this!

But onto today's WTF...

I wanted to thank you. I know I've said this before, but for you who have just discovered our events, welcome.

Our #WhereverSessions acoustic concerts started with 20 to 30 people, then 30 to 40...and yup just this last Saturday we welcomed 62 guests and artists in a vintage Vaudevillian Theatre Bar next to MACBA. The next one could be at a Guitar Shop or Art Gallery, or even a Skate Store...Bookmark this page for the latest artists we catapult into a live recorded acoustic concert

The Perpetual "Why?"

I hate to say this, but we are fuckin' spoiled. We have, each of us, seen many amazing artists in this beautiful city--singing their hearts out in front of a Church, walking around in Plaza Reial as a human megaphone, belting away...and it seems every bar has one in the corner, wondering if you notice them singing their hearts out to you with carefully crafted lyrics that you can't hear.

How can you? Therein lies challenge number one: Many of us have come to expect that a Live Musician comes with our drink, artfully replacing the now defunct maraschino cherry that once graced a lovely cocktail. Tsk tsk tsk, and so we do the drunken chatter and clicking glasses thing...the artists' lyrics lost in the din.

If you came to last Saturday's event, you'll notice the slight change in atmosphere when the singers sang and did their thing.

...Why else?

Barcelona is a city with a lot of music, and yet we all know too many talented artists struggling to get paid and patching into duct-tape and bubble gum sound systems. Sure, it’s good experience. But you know the joke where the musician goes, “Exposure? Great, my rent is 800 exposures a month!”

People are willing to shell out €10-15 for a DJ who plays other people’s music and spend €40 to €50 on a night out, but hesitate to pay for LIVE musicians, who need to spend on real kit, strings, food, rent… you know, basic stuff?

So...for Leap Day: Let's celebrate music, culture, the advent of epic beer and other wild shenanigans all made possible by that day that didn't exist last year, and won't be around next year either. Throw in a few musicians, and a n enthused team that brings it all together, et voila! A #LeapDay2020 Party in Poblenou, Barcelona.