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Podcast 002 - Liam Cloud

Where on earth does he get inspiration? Who would he pick a proverbial Fight Club fight with? All this and more.

Liam Cloud was here from Day One when Front Page News grew from a mad mad idea in Kristina's brain, to being the event series we've come to know and love.

If this is your first time here, Front Page News started a few years ago, when a bunch of us wanted to help change the way venues and audiences regarded live music. We all love the open mic nights and multiple concert options, but far too many talented musicians of that time had become the "free live music" included with beers and cocktails. Some of them are ready to (and should) be playing in larger concerts!

This episode is all about Liam. It was recently announced that he is Ruth Lorenzo's Guitarist and his dream of inserting guitar solos into everything has well and truly begun. Where does he draw inspiration from? Who would he pick a fight with ala. Fight Club?

This Video Podcast Series seemed the natural next step from us creating full concerts with three acts. There is more to this than a bunch of video interviews with musicians we love (which we have tonnes of). We will share more about how this all helps local businesses also.

For now - Grab tickets for Liam Cloud's next full concert - on his birthday, 26th of June 2021.


If you missed the previous episode, it featured Calum Busby. Dylan Cloud interviews him in RAIMA, one of Europe's largest papelerías .

We have mentioned this a few times before: if this song doesn't get stuck in your head we owe you a beer. Share the love (disaster) and tell us if there are any artists out there who should play more, or be interviewed for a future one!

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