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WTF (aka.The WHY)

If you're here then you're probably wondering who we are and WTF we're doing events for...

Barcelona is a city with a lot of music, and yet we all know too many talented artists struggling to get paid and patching into duct-tape and bubble gum sound systems. Sure, it’s good experience. But you know the joke where the musician goes, “Exposure?
Great, my rent is 800 exposures a month!” 


People are willing to shell out €10-15 for a DJ who plays other people’s music and spend €40 to €50 on a night out, but hesitate to pay for LIVE musicians, who need to spend on real kit, strings, food, rent… you know, basic stuff?  We should change that! I think it’s fair to pay for local artists and musicians who are GOOD. 


Be the Change You Want to See in the (Music) World. 
So I came up with a plan, which has turned into… Front Page News Barcelona. The concept is simple. Come up with a great venue with a great sound system, a good stage, lots of space for dancing, and big walls where we can project live visuals…and put on an immersive show. 

Yea...but still, WHY?!
Why do this when there are thousands 
of far less stressful things to occupy my time? This may be an answer for another day, but here's a Cliff Note-slash shortcut and the rest we can talk about over a coffee:

One day I realised that I've made $2.5M for one client over just shy of a year. And that our campaigns contributed to fortunes increased for already wealthy individuals. I have nothing against them at all, I love working for them (one of them is the wife of my personal hero, the late great David Bowie. But after 14 years of digital marketing I decided using these transferrable skills to  help artists I believe in.  And thus Front Page News is also involved in Sponsorship Marketing and Crowdfunding. We will choose one artist per season - watch this space for our Spring Crowdfunding Campaign and how you can be part of that...


But onto our current projects:

As of Autumn 2019, Front Page News has three new venues and 3 different formats. Mark 2nd of November and 7th of December for a concert that features three acts, and LIVE VISUALS (projection mapping, even) featuring international and  local visionary artists at each show.

Yes, each show will get its very own VJ Baby K live visual tribute (each musician is unique, as
are the live visuals projected during each set) 
We hope this will inspire local visual artists to get involved… as well as make the show that much more entertaining for our fans!

Rest assured that the musicians, not just the venue and promoters, will get a percentage of ticket sales, now available for sale on the website, as well as at the door. 

Like the sound of it? Buy a ticket and come to our shows!

The better we do, the more concerts we can put on featuring more artists and bands you may have never seen. We will build a music (and visual) journey throughout the night: starting off with acoustic singer-songwriters and spirited duos...and ending the night high with a band. 

(PS - We also have a new series #WhereverSessions - acoustic style)

Check out our SHOWS Page to buy tickets to the next event.

And stay tuned to our blog to find out more about

Barcelona Singer-Songwriters and Musicians we love, host and write about.


Stay happy!

vj baby k & The Team


Beer, Wine & Liquor

Full bar features a selection of reasonably priced beer, wine  and mixed drinks.

Check Your Stuff in safely

We offer a coat check service for your jacket, purse or merch. Also a super clean toilet. Always a bonus!

Early Bird tickets are at €8 for all three acts per concert. All artists get a percentage of ticket sales, bring a FRIEND or two

TICKET Sales go to Artists

Don't hesitate then to buy tickets in advance even. We want to pay artists moe than 'the norm'. 

Read a recent blog...

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