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Who are we? Visit The Team Page (or better yet come meet us in our next event).
Use The Contact Form on this page or the Chat button to contact us.

We are maniacal about protecting your data and privacy - Visit our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy if need be, and do get in touch if anything is unclear.

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Address for  4 Dec

Front Page News in a Vaudeville Theatre Bar (next to MACBA)

Entrance is via La Rubia, carrer de Ferlandina 29
08001 Barcelona

We aim to do these well beyond the three concerts we've announced. Keen to play and be involved?
Happy about what you've discovered in our shows so far? Tell us everything.


Thanks! Message sent.

Visit our mobile website and press address for Google Maps directions
or WhatsApp for live location
(from 20:00 of event night)


29 Feb 2020
EDGE Brewing
Carrer de Llull, 62,

Barcelona 08005

Studio Office: Carrer de Balboa 3, Barcelona 08002 Spain
Tel: +447952412168 (WhatsApp)
Studio: +34693274036

Facebook: Front Page News in Facebook
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