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These are intimate live concerts held in unusual environments.  Sometimes a Skate Shop or Art Gallery. Other times in a Record Label Lounge or Guitar Store. But #WhereverSessions are always recorded live, and YOU are the recorded live audience. By Invitation only.

Next event is in a Theatre perfectly apt for concerts (or burlesque sets) and is a minute's walk from Barcelona's Museum of Contemporary Art  (MACBA).

Get tickets to see two musicians with exceptional talent and amazing energy (both most often seen in an underground venue we love as locals).


Let’s face it. Music is good for you. Countless studies by people in lab coats have proven time and time again, that music has special powers

of healing, creating the ability to relate to others and just generally making us feel good. Almost everyone on the planet can relate to a happy moment in their life when they hear a certain tune.


And every day there is new music, thanks to those hard-working musicians, many whom you’ve yet to hear of.

Good music, the kind that makes you feel something, is happening all around us every day. From the catchy riff that you might hear in the supermarket, to that live band you saw last weekend on a whim. So the location is (almost) rather unimportant. What is significant is the tune. That unmistakable energy shared with an artist belting out parts of his heart and soul at you.

...And when it is played live, all the power and passion shines through. Capturing that essence isn’t always easy, but if you were there, then you know. But it is important to at least make an attempt to seize those special moments, so that they can be shared with others who weren’t there.

So, out of this concept, rose Front Page News “Wherever Sessions.” Be it a Recording Studio, Art Gallery, Guitar shop (my favorite) or even a

dis-used swimming pool or skate bowl, There is and always will be good music. And the prime goal, aside from enjoyment, is to record and share these talented musicians who need more exposure (don´t we all?)

It’s not an entirely new concept, there are a few individuals making similar efforts, but there is never enough room for every talent out there. I enjoy many big established artists, but let’s face it, hearing one more Ed Sheeren song might be a bit much. Give me something new. When the quality is good, it doesn’t matter where I am. Feeling the music is what it’s all about.


Stay happy!

vj baby k & The Team

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