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Our team puts on concerts in Barcelona and support each other's passion projects. Here are a few words that describe the hearts and minds behind this mammoth of an event series...

vj baby k behind the scenes playing pretty pictures

Kristina has been video-obsessed since the beginning of time. She used to work for MTV when it was still about music and reality TV hadn't yet ruined television forever. She plays live visuals all over the world and for every type of music from psychedelic trance to hard rock and everything in between. Inspired by Dr. Seuss, Dali, Nature and Chaos...her live visuals will morph around every artist. Each insane visuals set is unique like snowflakes.

Tiernonius our Personal Angel

Tiernan has the perfect "Bass Guitar Face" and just graduated from Geneva Business School, Barcelona Campus in June 2019. He is our ever dedicated Intern-slash-project-assistant who has braved many late nights hunting down the best live music artists in Barcelona; and foraging for creative ways to get our vision across to people who come to our events. With excellent presentation skills despite the hipster mustache (that only Vanessa likes); and bearing a brilliant can-do attitude, we are very fortunate to have him as our 'Resident Millennial' for Sponsorship Pitches and all things Front Page News has gotten itself into. Although he sadly passed away in April 2020, Front Page News keeps going, in part, as a tribute to his spirit. RIP Tiernan.

Synesthesia Studio - Liam Cloud and Pan.

Liam and Pan have known each other for a long time. They've shared at least 11,680 meals together last we counted and have pretty much grown up together, built several Christmas trees and even built a recording studio together. Synesthesia Studio Barcelona is their brainchild. Pan is a psytrance producer, Liam is a singer-songwriter and mad guitarist. Putting together Front Page News events with these two big kids is pretty fun.

Dylan Cloud is the best project manager ever

"Dylan and Gabi" if you say it quickly enough almost sounds like it's one word. Which in one way explains this happy picture.Like they ARE one. However, we are pleased to announce that they are each wonderful individuals who have been instrumental to the growth of Front Page News Barcelona from Day One.  They believe in good times, great music and they believe that fantastic relationships can be built between musicians, audiences and the city we all love...and they believe that exceptional experiences can be had if we believed in each other more, also. You will see them at pretty much every event. Dylan plays whiskey blues and hosts. They are fundamental to our mission!

Meet Sara Caitlin from Front Page News and Creative Immersion
Meet Dom from our Front Page News Barcelona Team

Over the years, we have embraced a few freelancers we call on for various bits and bobs. Sara Caitlin is a freelance free thinker and good friend from Kristina’s teenager days in Hong Kong. Sara lives and breathes social media insatiably…She writes for everyone from artists to corporates; and on everything from cafe napkins to billboards.

She has worked with us for eight years and has honed her digital skills in the following industries: Fashion, Lifestyle, Startups, and Expat Life.

Hailing from Eastern Europe and recently spotted in some rock concert or other, Dom is wicked. He has a sense of humour that could make even the most serious person crack up laughing. More than just the Best Door Dude Ever, he has been one of our most ardent supporters (and family friend) since his first visit at a Front Page News event during the pandemic that fucked us all. You will always see his smiling (sometimes sarcastic) face at the door or on the dance floor, going a tad crazy to the music and giving the artists LOVE. We welcome him as one of the most dedicated people in the planet and are grateful for him every damn day.

Meet Oliver Shiny who is our Content Editor and Workshop Master

Oliver Blakemore can be a tad confusing. Not because he is ever unclear in The Writing World (allow me to elucidate: he's one of our All Time Favourite Content Writers). I say this because running into him will make you wonder whether he is some kind of Viking or a vegan hipster about to bite your head off for something or other. Then you notice the monolithic dragon rings thing and consider if he´s as Emo as they come and the hair just distracted you. Clearly, he didn't write this blurb since we took this long to tell you who he is to US: Oliver is our man on the ground for Front Page News Denver. He is awesome. About to publish an amazing novel. Watch his face. I mean, this space. Yup, we´re putting it out there in the universe:

Front Page News Denver is happening. Details TBA.

Front Page News Barcelona logo

This project has snowballed into a larger version of its former self, compared to the first time we did events in Barcelona a couple of years ago. Some people journey a hell of a long way to find themselves where they are at this point in time. Reaching for (previously) impossible goals, and dreaming pretty outlandish dreams as we speak.

We have quite a few "radio head aliens" that have already put their hand up to help with this mammoth of a project. Photographers, videographers, marketeers, artists, lovely humans. Watch this space for more about them in the coming weeks...

The TEAM in action...

Beer, Wine & Liquor

Full bar features a selection of beer, wine  and mixed drinks.

Check Your Stuff

We offer a coat check service for your jacket, purse or merch - free.

Buy Tickets
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Our box office is open seven days a week, from 3pm to 10pm

Photos and Videos

Still photography is allowed; video policy varies per artist.

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