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EDGE Brewing is a Craft Beer Venue in Poble Nou. The venue is cozy with its earthy wooden furniture and friendly staff. Our favourite part? The View. Yes, we get full view of the beer making facility through a glass wall dividing the part where music happens from where the magic brew happens. Its quite a sight!



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2 November 2019
EDGE Brewing Craft Beer Venue
Carrer de Llull, 62,

Barcelona 08005

This Autumn, Front Page News has three new venues to showcase local talent and live visuals with every act.
Full Map of our venues below.

2 November
Edge Brewing was established in Barcelona in 2013 by two Americans who  were so eager to join the craft beer revolution in Europe that they brought a brewery. Combining finely engineered American brewing  equipment, the best ingredients available and many years of brewing  experience, they are now making fresh, genuine, American craft beer for  the local market. 


They are adding music to the brew with Front Page News showcasing local musicians we love to drink to (and with).


Early Bird Tickets are only €8 with a craft beer to whet your tastebuds for a cracker of a night. Come early, stay late. Bring friends and family. Kid-friendly. Just prep them for acoustic blues escalating to some proper rock and live visuals all night!

23 November
Venero Skate Shop
Carrer de Pujades, 190,
08005 Barcelona

7 December

Plaza Reial, 7 
08002 Barcelona

Beer, Wine & Liquor

EDGE Brewing is an American Brewery in Barcelona. Apart from artisan beers, they will have a selection of reasonably red and white wines during Front Page News nights.

Check Your Stuff in safely

We offer a coat check service for your jacket, purse or merch. Also a super clean toilet. Always a bonus!

Early Bird tickets are at €8 for all three acts per concert. All artists get a percentage of ticket sales, bring a FRIEND or two. Or three.

Photos and Videos

Still photography is allowed; video policy varies per artist. Make sure to share it in our Front Page News Barcelona Facebook Group and we will tag them for you.