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Concert Venue Extraordinaire - Winter Edition

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

I had never previously been to the venue where the last Front Page News event was held. Well, to be fair I had been to this shoppe in Urquinaona on numerous occasions, just never upstairs on the top floor. I was seriously impressed with how well kitted out this place was.

If ever there were a dream venue, this would be it. Just outside of the main room, there is a spectacular outdoor terrace. I’m told there is another just above too, but that opens only in summer. Both of these terraces would be amazing with a dj or acoustic musician during warmer weather.

This venue is located atop of one of the biggest and most well stocked papelerías in Europe. They literally have everything that you might ever need to do artsy stuff. This translates to a space that is full of, you guessed it, artsy stuff. It is warm and clean and very modern. The toilets are super chic, and compared to many music venues, downright posh.

I have to be honest, I was outside chatting away when the first act played. I could lie and say something gushing, but I really missed all of it. Act two, Dylan Cloud, was full of energy and charm. It was that kind of gutsy blues that makes you want a whisky. The band was tight and the material fresh, even though some was written when I was in kindergarten.

The final act, Titan James and The Broken Strings followed up beautifully. Original material with a band that gelled perfectly...And with that touch of sax complementing, (a guest from Dylan’s band) it made for one seriously awesome show. I must admit that it was not only nice to hear songs that I’ve become quite familiar with; but also to see people up, dancing and having fun.

More pictures coming soon @ByEsquerra

The show ended on a very high note. Too early for my taste, but I don’t make nor enforce the laws. Speaking of which, the team at Front Page News was ultra professional when it came to safety. There was hand gel at the door, temperatures were taken and the door staff told everyone to wear a mask. There is also an 03 Ionizer in the Concert Hall and only 30% capacity. So there was never even the slightest concern about health.

The music, the vibe, the superb attendees and staff, plus this incredible venue made for a most awesome night. I seriously hope FPN use this location again.

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